Top 5 Cheap, Yet Good Local Eats in El Paso

On a budget and need a good place to eat for lunch in El Paso? There are plenty of local restaurants that provide great food at an even better value. It was a tough decision, but we finally narrowed down our five favorites.

Here’s our top five local spots that are sure to satisfy your appetite, and keep it light on the wallet.



1. Bonny’s Cafe

Bonny’s Cafe serves some of the best burritos you will ever eat at an El Paso restaurant. They’re not shy about stuffing that massive flour tortilla… it’s filled to the core… and you’ll notice that when all you’ll be able to eat is half. But then you’ll be very thankful for the leftovers the next day. It’s that delicious… and the best part, most burritos are just around $6.

Bonny’s Cafe #1
8920 Gateway Blvd E

Bonny’s Cafe #2
11660 Montwood

2. PapaBurgers

Top 5 Cheap, Yet Good Local Eats in El Paso papaburger

This is where you go to have a good burger in El Paso. Specialty burgers are just under $6, which makes it easy on the wallet, yet it hits every spot you want touched by a burger joint.

2519 N Piedras St

3. The Avocado

The Avocado- New Downtown Cafe Offers Delicious Sandwiches for $5

Yes, this place is named after a fruit.. because you literally get an avocado with every meal… and your tastebuds will be very thankful after taking your first bite. You choose your choice of bread: Pumpernickel, Russian Rye or Sesame Bagel; Meat: roast beef, turkey or canadian bacon; Condiments: dijon mustard, mayo, red-onions or jalapenos, all which equal up to one ball of deliciousness in your mouth. In the mood for some shopping? Head to the back and check out their vintage clothing store.

The Avocado
1021 E Missouri Ave


4. Rafas Burritos

Top 5 Cheap, Yet Good Local Eats in El Paso rafas

Rafas is a popular restaurant in El Paso with two locations. At just under $6 a pop, this local burrito joint is not only easy on the wallet, their burritos are as big as your arm, literally. Go check them out.

Rafas Burritos
1831 Montana Ave

5. Taco’s Don Cuco

Ranked among the top taco joints in town, Tacos Don Cuco is one of the original Mexican restaurants that crossed the border in the 80’s and blessed us with delicious tacos de tripitas. Today, they have seven locations that offer some of the best tasting tacos you will ever have… and what’s even better is that an order of four tacos varies from $3.49 to $5.59. Go get you some tacos. 🌮

Tacos Don Cuco
3027 Alameda, Suite C, 6 other locations.

6. Rainbow Fountain (Tortas)

Top 5 Cheap, Yet Good Local Eats in El Paso rainbow fountain

Perhaps the best tortas in El Paso. This hole in the wall restaurant has a large variety of tortas and burritos that are equally amazing as their price, which range from $2.99 to $4.50. Also try their 100% natural smoothies.

Rainbow Fountain
6232 Montana Ave # A

7. Delicious Mexican Eatery

Top 5 Cheap, Yet Good Local Eats in El Paso delicious

This place is so delicious, it is literally named Delicious. The combination platters is what earns them a spot in the top 5. You won’t have to make the tough decision of having to choose between flautas, gorditas or enchiladas; get them all on one plate, plus rice and beans for just 7 bucks… and don’t even get me started on the menudo.

Delicious Mexican Eatery
3314 Fort Blvd

8. Peking Garden


It may not look like much from the outside, or the inside for that matter. But order their lunch special for just $5.50 and soon, all you’ll be thinking about is how so much authentic oriental flavor happened to fit in this tiny room. Try the orange chicken, and be sure to dine in for a free soup and drink (11am to 2pm.)

Peking Garden
3306 Fort Blvd

These are our top eight. Of course, there are plenty of other local restaurants with excellent deals, let us know your favorites in the comments!