What to do in El Paso-Red Sands Off Roading

El Paso is full of adventure, one hot spot is Red Sands.

Known for it’s sand dunes, hundreds of serpentine trails, and small hills comprised of compact dirt and rock, offering beautiful scenic views, Red Sands is perfect for off roading adventures.

It is approximately 21 square miles in size and is located just west of Hueco Tanks State Park off of Montana Ave (US Hwy 62/US Hwy 180). It is currently open to the public year-round, including weekends and holidays. Red Sands was once under an ancient sea approximately 34 million years ago, which covered most of the area. Over time, the ancient sea disappeared and various processes of erosion created Red Sands and it’s surrounding areas you see today.

Visitors can even rent an ATV or quad from Rent an ATV off Road Adventures Wednesday through Sunday.

Watch: Off Roading at Red Sands

Map: Red Sands

Video/Photo by Joel Haskins