el paso ranks second douchebagEl Paso is full of douchebags.

Well, maybe. This according to a ranking by Estately.com, an online database of homes for sale. The ranking is based on a percentage of males in the 100 most populated U.S. cities who listed “douchie” items as interests on their Facebook pages. What are those items you ask? If you like Chris Brown, Nickleback, Monster Energy, Axe (brand), Dane Cook, or Tosh.0 on Facebook, you are likely a d-bag.

Other Texas cities include Laredo, who came in first place, while San Antonio ranked in third and even Corpus Christi coming in at fifth. According to Estately, “douchebags are massing in large numbers along the Texas border with Mexico, perhaps with plans of invading?”

So what do you think? Is El Paso really that douchy? Or is this another cheap shot at our city? Tell us in the comments below..