chris paul clippers el paso

Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul and famous Hollywood publicist Scooter Braun are discussing plans that include El Paso, according to their Twitter conversation Wednesday morning. “just talked to the coach himself. excited for our plans. -tweeting this so he knows it was really me 🙂 @CP3 #elpaso,” tweeted Braun.

It appears that the discussion was about the Coronado and Franklin basketball game, where Coronado student manager Mitchell Marcus, a special needs student, was allowed to make his last-second shot after several attempts. The game has caught national attention. CBS News covered the story, it aired nationally last Friday. ESPN SportsCenter will be in town for a live show Thursday morning after a twitter campaign with hashtag #GetMitchellOnSC went viral. Braun originally mentioned the CBS News story earlier in the day, “this is the best turnover in a basketball game i have ever seen. @cp3 watch this and give me a call –,” he tweeted.

Justin Biber, a client of Scooter Braun even joined the conversation, adding “love it! #giveback . me and @alfredoflores love the story.”

It is unknown what the plans are or if they’ll even be made public. Calls to Braun and Chris Paul management went unreturned Wednesday afternoon. Check back with El Paso 411 for updates.