Plans are underway to renovate the Airway intersection at I-10.

Today, artist Vicki Scuri and engineers presented the city with these conceptual designs. The project is part of the I-10 Corridor Aesthetic Improvement Project, which began in 2008. This is the first stage of the $171 million project, which will also beautify all the I-10 interchanges from Hawkins on the East Side to Executive Center on the West Side, including Geronimo, Trowbridge, Paisano, Copia, Piedras, Cotton and Downtown exits.

The city has allocated $10 million for the Airway project, and the renovation is expected to be completed in 2015. Scroll down to see the Airway presentation. Photos courtesy of El Paso City Development Dept.

Earth to Sky


The concept for Airway at I‐10 is flight, represented as the motion from Earth to Sky

Bridge Fins: Open / Closed


The Bridge Fins are rotated appearing open from I‐10 and closed from Gateway.

Bridge Fins: On I‐10


On I‐10 the Bridge Fins create arcing identity elements while framing views out.

Bridge Fins: Elevation


The Bridge Fins arc across and past the bridge span creating a large graceful wing.

Landscape Fins: On Frontage Road


The Landscape Fins mirror mountainous earth forms as they move to the planters.

Landscape Fins: On I‐10


The Landscape Fins offer views out to the surrounding areas from on I‐10.

Landscape Fins: Birdseye


The Landscape Fins work in concert with the native landscaping in the planters.

Inspiration: Flight


The Fins are inspired by airplanes, airfoils and birds; rotating like feathers on a wing.

Inspiration: El Paso Skies


The Colors are inspired by El Paso’s skies: sunrises, sunsets and blue gradients.

Landscape Planter


The Landscape Planters use native and hardy plants defined by arcing patterned walls.

Landscape Median


The Median north of I‐10 has an identity art element set into the landscaping.

Columns: Through Perspective


Columns wrapped with laser‐cut stencil patterns add a scale and movement to site

Columns: Front / Back


The Patterns change dynamically as one moves around the site.

Lighting: Bridge


The Bridge Span, Columns, Abutments, and Paths are illuminated.

Lighting: Walkway


The Path under the bridge is lighted to give a feeling of safety and destination.

Lighting: Planters / Median


The Planter Walls are defined with lights and the Median artwork glows like a lantern.

Artwork: Median


The Median artwork will be patterned to represent Airway and relate to the concept.



Each element will be refined further as the project is developed into Bid Documents.