An article by The Bleacher Report poking fun at El Paso’s attractions has been removed.

The article was aimed at USC Football fans, however it quickly spread throughout the city of El Paso via social media. It was removed Tuesday afternoon after the author, Lisa Horne allegedly received two death threats from El Paso gang members. It is unknown how the threats were made.

The article was originally described as a “satirical look at all the fun things that are in store for Trojan fans in El Paso, Texas for the Sun Bowl.” Horne poked fun at the historic Plaza Theater as being named the No. 1 El Paso attraction, according to “That’s right Trojan fans, the No. 1 attraction (of 42 attractions) in El Paso is the Plaza movie theater,” read the posting. Another post made fun of the El Paso Museum of Art. It read “Ladies, if you drag your husband to an art museum during bowl week there really isn’t much I can say to save your marriage.”

In another post, Horne made fun of Concordia Cemetery  She writes “Oh hell. The seventh-best thing to do in El Paso is to visit a cemetery?” The El Paso Zoo was also mentioned. “Since most USC fans live in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas of southern California, this might be a good time to compare your local LA Zoo and San Diego Zoos to what El Paso offers. Or, maybe not,” read the post.

And finally Horne ended the article with what considers the “17th-ranked best thing to do in El Paso: The H&H Car Wash and Coffee Shop.” “It’s actually listed as a landmark/point of interest,” wrote Horne. “I don’t want to ruin the suspense for you, but apparently this car wash has “El Paso’s best Chile Rellenos.” Hot diggity!”

Horne ended the post with “There you have it, USC fans. New Year’s in El Paso! Send me a “Wish you were here” postcard with details on all the fun and exciting things you did in El Paso.”

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Lisa Horne Graphic by @KittyCommando on Twitter