El Paso fights back tweetsMore El Paso social media users are joining the fight to protect the city from negative comments made by outsiders.

The situation began when USC linebacker Tony Burnett tweeted negatively about playing in the Sun Bowl game in El Paso on Dec. 3. A day later an article on The Bleacher Report poked fun at the lack of El Paso attractions, even listing Concordia Cemetery as a point of interest for visitors. Now, another USC Football player has expressed his hate for El Paso on his Twitter account. Freshman defensive tackle Leonard Williams tweeted “Out here in El Paso. Shitty city but glad I can enjoy this moment wit the USC family.”

All three incidents resulted in a social media war between El Paso supporters and haters. The Bleacher Report even removed their article after allegedly receiving death threats, however no report has been filed with El Paso authorities as of this story.

El Paso Fights Back
According to Twitter, more than 500 El Paso Twitter users defended the city against the latest attack by Williams. About 1,000 replies directed towards Williams were posted within 12 hours of his tweet. On Facebook, El Paso users sounded off via local news media Facebook pages. The El Paso 411 Facebook post drew in more than 200 comments in 2 hours.

Facebook user Denise Cervantes commented, “Football players that are defaming the city of El Paso should be suspended from playing. They are disrespecting a great city that has grown and is welcoming them with arms wide open.”

On Twitter, El Paso fans were calling for locals to show up wearing white and gold in support of Georgia Tech, instead of USC. “We’ll turn the whole stadium white and gold. #GATeCH,” tweeted @MandoBurger_2.

However not all El Pasoans are up and arms about the latest attacks. Bill Blaziek, general manager of the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau, recently said “We have the opportunity to change (their) opinion and that’s really where we shine,” Blaziek said. “If we could package the qualities of El Paso and market it out in front of their visit, they’d have a completely different attitude.”

“I hope that El Pasoans show them respect and hope that those trash talking players don’t have the nerve to face us after being treated so nicely,” said Cervantes.