johnny kage tweet el paso military 2011El Paso disc jockey Johnny Kage is under fire after he tweeted that he lied about being in the military to receive discounts at the mall.

The tweet was posted November 5 on Kage’s twitter account. “Cashn in on some savings at the mall..all the cashiers ask if I’m Military which I’m not..I say I am and I save! Lol #winning,” said the post.

The tweet resulted in thousands of comments from El Paso fans and military members at Ft. Bliss. “Not cool saying you’re in the military to get a discount,” said Facebook fan and Ft. Bliss soldier Carol White. “Running ones mouth at a radio station who just sits on his ass does not deserve the honor or a military discount like the ones who are apart from loved once for a year at a time fighting in some nasty war and giving their lives so U can lie about being a soldier I think NOT! You on public radio should be a role model not a liar! Thanks to someone like U we could lose our discounts cause of people like u! Hope u feel good about yourself loser!”

However, not everyone is pointing fingers at Kage. Local cashier Amber Quinonez says the store should require identification before any discounts are provided. “I’m a cashier and I always ask to see their military i.d.” she said. “There [are] other ways to save.”

Kage later tweeted that the comments were a joke. “Funny how “SOME” people have hairs so far up their ass, they cant even take a joke…like the one i made earlier about me saying Im military,” he tweeted.

However, fans were not convinced and demanded a public apology. “Instead of being defensive, why not just apologize?” posted Cynthia Estala. “Even if it was just a joke, we have our military base here and out of respect for the troops a sincere apology would be nice.”

Kage has not apologized for the comments.